She stepped up… I think

Dad has been taken back into hospital, this has come as a complete surprise to me as for the last few days I genuinely thought he had turned a corner. He had started to get out of bed under his own motivation and he was slowly starting to eat more. Heck, he even cracked a joke when I went to see him last night.

His improvements had also freed me up to start thinking about spending some time back at mine. I had lined up carers, left them with a fridge full of food.. the plan was they survived 24 hours and then I would see them on Sat and my sister had even volunteered to move in this weekend and care for them. I had made plans for tonight and tomorrow I was looking forward to a night at mine vegging out and catching up on some TV shows which I love but my folks refuse to let me watch at theirs.

On hearing the news that Dad was going back into hospital my immediate thought was I need to cancel tonight and to be honest I was gutted. I have been trying to move home since Monday night but every time I go to leave something happens that just ends up making it easier to stay.

Mum assured me she would be fine, and I told her I would cancel if I needed to.

Then I get a message from my sister “we will move in from tonight!”

Brilliant, I thought. It means I can still do everything I need too, and it was nice to see her step up for once.

I went back saying “thanks, I would really appreciate that” since then I have heard nothing, and it has to make me wonder if her motivation is less to do with wanting to help Mum and Dad out, but more to do with keeping me away.

I know it shouldn’t matter, and to be honest if it gives me a night off without needing to worry about how my Mum is coping, then does the reason why she is doing it matter? It helps me out as I don’t have to cancel all the plans I had made for tonight, but the gut feeling that it has more to do about keeping me away has really unsettled me.

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6 thoughts on “She stepped up… I think

  1. Super sorry to hear about your dad, he seemed to be doing okay in previous posts.

    As for the sister, I say take it when you can get it, appreciate it and if there is anything ‘weird’ about her offer, deal with it later. Mentally you need a break, caregiving is hard, very hard. Please take care of yourself.

    • Thank you, I was so shocked when they took him back in as I knew he had been ill while we were away but I didn’t think he was bad enough to go in again.

  2. keeping you away really isn’t an option is it? let tonight be about you, rest, recharge, put up your blanket fort and be where you need to be to get back on your feet. Tomorrow, or whenever you head back, it will all still be there and you can deal with it then.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your dad.

    If I were you I’d try not to worry about why your sister is helping. Sometimes ‘what’ is more important than ‘why’. Take advantage of the break to recharge a little – you deserve and need it.

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