I’m going to save the world, one pot of face cream at a time!

I am one of those people who really want to save the world, but am not sure exactly how to do it. It seems that there is so much to do, so many causes to support it all becomes a bit of a muddle and so I sort of bury my head in the sand and run in the other direction. I am not the best at facing things that are going to take a lot of effort – just look at my none existent financial planning. Every month I say I will get it under control and then about half way through the month I resign myself to the fact that nothing has changed, but I’ll get it under control next month 😉

The same is true when it comes to my shopping. I want to support local businesses and buy responsibly. I rarely buy meat from a supermarket, as I am trying to convince myself that buying for a butcher means the meat is higher welfare, and on the odd occasion I have to I will buy organic. I have also massively cut down the amount of meat I am eating, although I have to admit that part of that is I realised how much weight I lost when I couldn’t afford to eat meat every night so had no choice but to eat veggies.

However, it all gets a little confusing when I look at buying none food items, such as cleaning products, toiletries etc. I would like to say I refuse to buy anything that has been tested on animals, but as I am never sure who the parent company of a product is, I can never be 100% certain that by buying brand A, I am actually paying money to company C who is the parent company and funds animal testing for brand B.

This is why I was ecstatic when I saw that Naturelle Cosmetics were looking for bloggers to review their vegan products. I might have sent a very pleading email to be given the chance to review it. As I said, I am not the best at going out and searching the internet to discover which products I can and can’t buy – I am just too busy. But when a vegan gift is being offered on the internet and all I have to do is put it on my face… let’s just say I can beg like the best of them!

I was overjoyed to be sent their honey and aloe vera face cream.


My face has smelt of honey for the last few hours, and weirdly it’s having a very relaxing effect on me.

(You should be aware this is where I stopped writing to use the cream for a while before drawing my conclusion, it’s why the tenses differ. I know I could have gone back and re-written but who has time for that?! Shall we continue..?)

In fact, the honey smell lasted until lunch time, which I was really impressed with and the feeling of my skin being moisturised lasted well into the evening. For the first time in a while, I had a hectic weekend, which meant lots of attempting to look my best. The cream worked really well under my foundation and my makeup seemed to stay in place until the wee hours – which is not something I always managed. I have now been using the cream for a week and my skin feels full of moisture and I even think it’s looking good, and the fact that it’s vegan – I’m sold. I will be buying this again.

*Disclaimer, I was given this pot of face cream free for the purposes of the review. However, the words are all mine and this has not swayed my opinion or affected my hope to single-handedly save the world!

**It has just been pointed out to me that Honey is not vegan, which I feel is something I should have realised for myself. I have contacted the company about this, as the vegan claim comes from their website and I will let you know what they say.

*** I have now heard back from the company and they have said “Thanks for your e-mail. There has been a debate going on about this for quite some time, many people claiming that honey is not vegan,  and others explain why it is in fact vegan. So since our suppliers claim that their products are cruelty free and vegan and posses all the necessary certification – we like to give people the choice as for our customers –  it’s a matter of preference.”  So there you go vegan/not vegan the choice is yours.

7 thoughts on “I’m going to save the world, one pot of face cream at a time!

    • It’s amazing. It smells lovely and I can’t tell you how soft my skin feels. Plus, I like that I am putting something good on my skin. I am so careful about what I eat but tend to forget that creams and stuff get absorbed into my body through the skin and so I need to take better care of what I put on it!

  1. This sounds really good and I’ve checked out the website and am considering making a purchase. Although I’m veggie, I do think it’s worth pointing out that honey is not vegan. The website is clear that the company doesn’t test on animals and the range is suitable for vegetarians so it looks like it is cruelty-free which is definitely a major consideration and good news. I think this looks a great range – just wanted to offer clarification so hope that’s ok!

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