Boy meets girl and…?

It’s no secret that I am a massive musical fan and last night I went to see a show. The show was fantastic,  the cast were amazing and I loved every minute. This was not a show I had seen before and I had no knowledge of the story line when I went. My friend had bought the tickets as a Christmas gift for me. However, about half way through I realised that this story was no different from the hundreds of other “great love stories” out there. Boy meets girl, they fall in love with a highly choreographed thunderbolt moment. Boy messes up and hurts girl. Boy realises his mistake, after a world-altering revelation, usually provided by a secondary character and goes running back to girl just in the knick of time and apologises. Girl forgives, takes boy back and we all live happily ever after.

As I watched the same old love story being played I couldn’t help but think, oh come on this is me, I was clearly panicking. I don’t think S and I have had that thunderbolt moment. Although he doesn’t  know it yet, I have clearly fallen for him. But rather than one big thunderbolt moment, it’s been a million little things that have made him impossible not to love. I started to worry did that mean I was wrong, again. Yes, this feels different but then so did Raoul, and OH before him, and the sex predator before him.

However, the more I pondered it the more I wondered where this idea of a thunderbolt moment has come from?

Why from a young age is it instilled in us that love will hit us and when that happens you just “know”. I’m not saying that that can’t happen for some, but does it happen to everyone?

Also, why does the classic love story always involve the guy letting the girl down and why, having had his eyes opened by a secondary character, does he go running back and she so easily forgives him? When did it become the norm that you will fall in love with someone and you should expect they let you down? I have now known S for over a year and in all that time he hasn’t let me down, not once. It hasn’t all been perfect, we are both still finding our feet and I have no idea what the future holds. I also feel I should point out here that I am not holding us up as some sort of shining example as the perfect couple, with the perfect romance –  we aren’t! But we do both try to be there for the other, and isn’t that what being in love is all about?

8 thoughts on “Boy meets girl and…?

  1. Maybe it’s just because I live on the water with a big, metal mast in the air but I don’t associate thunderbolts with good things. Maybe true love is more like a refreshing sprinkle that make everything damp without lots of pyrotechnics.

    • I know, but does it always have to be that he lets her down? I’m not one of those people who are anti-fairy tales or anything like that but I do think that maybe its time so of the more modern tales are brought a little up to date? Also, I as I have lived the whole “he turns out to be a complete fool and hurts you” story I much prefer the unrealistic happily ever after, love conquers all make believe 😉

  2. there is only so much you can do in an hour or two of storytelling. it is old and it is cliched, and it is not real life… neither is wearing glass slippers to a ball.

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