Ignore the words, just look at the pretty flowers

Ahhh, I must have started this blog post 100 times and still I can’t get it to work! I have so many different angles I want to take it in that it’s all just becoming a bit jumbled in my head, and I am managing about 3 sentences before I let out a sigh, hit delete and go and put the kettle on. I am officially water logged with tea. The problem I have, and yes I am very aware that this isn’t actually a problem in the true sense of the word, is that I have been sent some stunning flowers by Prestige Flowers in exchange for a review. So now I have pretty flowers, a deadline and no actual writing skills to get the words onto the page… well, screen.

So, for your reading pleasure, we have a review in two parts. Although if I was you I wouldn’t waste my time reading either of them and I would instead just focus on the pictures.


That’s right look at the pretty flowers and ignore the words

Option 1: I am finally taking care of me. Yep for this one, I at least managed a title.

Long story short I saw they were offering free flowers to review in the run up to mother’s day and my initial reaction was, I should apply and get some flowers sent to mum. But as I went about applying I realised how much I wanted the flowers for myself. I love fresh flowers and I decided a while ago I would try to always have fresh flowers in my house. I do have a couple of house plants, but for some reason, I am unable to keep the stupid things alive. Honestly, S’s parents bought me this lovely planter for Christmas and the only thing growing in it at the moment is mould. So, flowers which you buy when half dead (yes, I am too cheap to buy full price fresh flowers, unless it’s a bunch of daffodils for a quid) and put in a vase for a few weeks before throwing out seems to be the way forwards for me. I haven’t had a nice bunch if we overlook the valentine’s day rose, which I will tell you about another time, since people sent them when Dad died. A free bunch of proper flowers was too good an opportunity to turn down and so, for the first time in a long time, I put my wants first and I asked for the bunch of flowers to be sent to my work so I could take them home with me and enjoy them. I decided I needed a treat.

See, I even did blogger like packaging shots

See, I even did blogger like packaging shots


However, this decision led on to review post option number 2.

What sort of idiot gets flowers delivered to her office on a day she isn’t going straight back to her house but is instead going to spend the night at her sisters (an hours’ drive away) and she is going to her sisters after a night out at the theatre. On the positive, this means that I really did put the packaging and longevity of the flowers through their paces as my beautiful flowers spent the first 48 hours of their life in their box without much water. The hilarity of this story is found when you realise that my car is a 2 door sports car, and that night I was taking my sister back to her house with me. Have you ever tried fitting a box of flowers, a sister and an overnight bag in a sports car?? Also, the theatre we went to was in a city centre, and being a bit of a county bumpkin, I like to make sure that if I am leaving my car in a town there is nothing on view in the body of the car.  I had to try and Houdini the flower box in the passenger seat foot well, the box wouldn’t fit in my boot, using an old coat as I was worried someone would break in and steal them. I was so keen on this idea I even took photos to document the events.


I even took a photo to show you how full my boot was!


However, neither will make it into a standalone blog post and so I am left a little stuck with what to do. I do love the flowers, I am a massive fan of the dark red roses and can’t wait for the other lilies to open. Interesting fact, ok interesting might be overselling it, but my Mum is allergic to lilies so actually I did her a favour by being selfish as she wouldn’t be able to enjoy these flowers anyway. The only slight negative that both myself and my sister had was the gold wire which has been wrapped around the flowers. My sister didn’t like the look of the gold, whereas I loved the gold but struggled to arrange the flowers in the vase with the wire but didn’t want to remove it totally. It has been a few days and I feel like the flowers are relaxing slightly and so fit into my vase a little better and although they haven’t brought me a comprehensive blog post, they have brought me a lot of joy.

And Poppy too - she was given the box to play with

And Poppy too – she was given the box to play with


*disclaimer: I was sent a bunch of flowers to review on my blog however the complete inability to do so is purely my own.

5 thoughts on “Ignore the words, just look at the pretty flowers

  1. Sending yourself flowers is one of those adulting things that most people forget they can totally do for themselves. 🙂

    Lillies always scare me because of the cats. I wish florists would put warnings on them.

  2. I hope that none of those bad people who break into cars read your blog because you’ve just given away some secrets. My bipeds leave coats over things and I’m sure that no one could ever have guessed the coat with corners was covering a box – till you gave the game away! 😀 😀

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