An unusual Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub review

So as promised here is my Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub review, however as I am still on my slow, slightly broken old lap top I am going to do this review without any pictures… I just don’t think my laptop will survive, so instead I would like you all to close your eyes, ok maybe don’t actually close your eyes as that would make the whole reading of the blog post a little tricky, but let’s pretend that you are closing your eyes so that you can imagine the picture I will attempt to paint with my words and hopefully by the end of this blog post you too will be assured of two things:

  1. The scrub is pretty awesome. It will have you inviting everyone you know to stroke you and, as if that isn’t weird enough, you will feel so strokeably soft that when there is no one else around you will find you end up stroking yourself.
  2. It will become abundantly obvious why I blog rather than attempt to do any proper writing. Apologise to anyone who classes blogging as proper writing, I would not refer to myself as a writer, in fact I barely consider myself good enough to be a blogger but I digress.

As I have previously mentioned a couple of times I do love this product, and I will be going out an spending my own money on it once I have used up all of the free bag I was sent. The bag that it comes in looks like a bag you would buy coffee ground in, I am hoping that is intentional. And this particular product has a brilliantly blue label on it, with white zigzags which take up the top quarter of the label and a 100% organic ingredients stamp on it, which I love.

In my opinion, the label on the back of the packaging is a little lacking for my liking. I would have appreciated some guidance as to how to use the product – I know, it’s a body scrub so it should be quite simple, but the first time I used it was just before I met S’s parents for the first time and so I applied a handful to my arm and freaked out as my arm turned a lovely coffee colour. Being one to slightly over-react I was convinced that this colour would mean that I was tanned slightly and I was convinced I would be meeting the parents for the first time whilst modelling the apparent worst fake tan known to man. However as luck would have it this was not the case and the scrub and the colouring washed straight off. I don’t know about you, but I am a little bit of a rule follower, and for something like this I could have done with a little guidance as to how much I should be using. Do I need a pea sized amount or is it one pack per scrubbing? Also, and again this could just be a me thing, but I would have liked to know if I was ok to put my wet hand into the bag or should I be attempting to sprinkle the scrub onto my hand? I will admit I did try the sprinkling and it did not work so I reverted to sticking in my whole hand and I am pleased to say the mixture has not gone clumpy, which was my fear.

The whole sprinkling fiasco, also raises another story to tell you. The stuff is a bugger to clean up. I last used the scrub a fortnight ago, and yet some is still on the side of my bath which isn’t washing away. I know, tomorrow, when I actually find time to clean the bathroom, still haven’t fully sorted out a workable schedule with mum that leaves me time to clean my house, the scrub will wash away. It’s not like it permanently marks or anything like that, but this scrub is definitely something to use when you have time to pamper yourself fully and then clean the bathroom post pampering or live with stuff on the side for a while.

The other comment I would make about this is the smell. When I first opened it my entire bathroom stunk of the scrub (coffee and tea tree mix) for a good few weeks, however it was left out on the side so I don’t know if this would have been so pungent had I put it in the cupboard and closed the top down. The smell isn’t unpleasant in the slightest but you are aware that you have a packet of this stuff open.

I’m not sure what else to tell you really. I have very much kept this product as a treat and have only used it a couple of times. But I am so impressed with it that I think my friends will be getting a bag of the scrub for Christmas as I genuinely think it is fab and I really think you should treat yourself and try some too!

*Disclaimer: I was sent a packet of the Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub for free for the purpose of the review, however this has no way affected my opinion of the product nor my ability to badly describe it on a lap top that I am convinced will break if I upload any photos… which gets me thinking, if anyone is looking for a lap top to review….

Also see lovely pictures here and do let me know in the comments how close your mental image was to the actual packaging.

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