Remember me?

Hi Everyone, so sorry to have been MIA for quite so long. Long story short, I managed to lock myself out of my blog. Yep, I’m a natural blonde!! I am also very stubborn, and so instead of just hitting the ‘reset your password’ option I have literally spent months arguing with WordPress well, the login screen, I didn’t actually do anything productive and email a human. Nope, instead I decided it would be wise to just spend the time I had to sit I front of my computer typing in what I thought was my password over and over and over again in the hope that WordPress would admit defeat. Spoiler alert, it didn’t.

While I have been unable to access my blog I have still been writing, so there are a number of draft blog posts which I will hopefully schedule and sound out soon. I am currently typing on S’s laptop, and between you and me I can’t seem to make it do what I want it to. Maybe I need to have some lessons or something.

S is still around and still being an amazing source of support for me. I don’t quite know how he is still here. Others have walked away and they haven’t had to deal with 1/10th of what he has had to deal with. For the moment he is still staying with me, although he picks his keys up to his house today. I have very much mixed feelings about him going. I know he needs to, and I know it is right for our relationship, but it does still feel like a step backwards and there is a teeny tiny part of me that wanted him to not want to leave. I am trying to plan something lovely for him tonight to celebrate, but in the style of my life it’s not quite that simple…

Mum is back in hospital. She was admitted early Tuesday after some complications following a procedure she had on Monday and despite everyone telling us it would only be for the day, she’s still in four days later. She is now being seen by a different doctor who she was supposed to have an appointment with but decided to see her in while she was on the ward and now we can’t get her out. However, other than a few blips overall her care has been fantastic and so much better than previous hospitals she has been in. The only negative is that rather than being able to make the most of some down time I have spent most days by the phone waiting for them to call and tell me she is being released, afraid to start anything too major. I am also making sure I am spending all of visiting time with her so I don’t leave the hospital until 8pm every night.

The whole finding time for me thing still isn’t really happening. It’s something I have talked to my sister about. It did not go as I had hoped. However, I am trying very hard to focus on me, what I am doing and my growing relationship with my Mum and let me lack of free time worry me tomorrow. Plus everything is set to change in Sept when I look at returning to Uni. I know this is earlier than I had planned, but apparently as I have been out of academic study for so long (10 years – makes me feel ancient!) I have to do a year long access course. I am really looking forward to starting it, although I still haven’t finished applying for the course.

Poppy is still here. She has loved having S living with us. He spoilers her rotten and we will both be going on a strict diet when he moves out! I’d like to say she hasn’t been giving me any troubles but that would be a lie. As if I’m not dealing with enough the little love has an abscess and so she is on a long term course of antibiotics in an attempt to avoid surgery.

Right time to go, my wash load has finished. Honestly, you have no idea of the glamorous life I lead. I am going to attempt to get it on the line before the rain comes as for the last few weeks every time I have put in a wash load the heavens have opened before the load has finished and I have ended up with damp clothes around the house and there isn’t enough room for damp clothes, S, me, Poppy, and a half built bookshelf, which I started before Mum was taken into hospital. I also gave away one wardrobe, as I am determined to get my house finished, and so gave it to a friend in preparation for the arrival of the fitted wardrobe on Saturday, so there are clothes everywhere. I know people come to see you and not your house, but it is honestly at the point where I wouldn’t let people in.

Anyway, how’s the summer treated you?

6 thoughts on “Remember me?

  1. : ) Welcome Back! You sound like you are in good spirits : ) That is really great that you are headed back to school. Do you know what you will study yet? I wish you luck with it & pray for the best for your mom! Its nice to hear about Poppy too!!

    • I am hoping to become a paramedic, having seen the amazing work they did with my dad and the way they walked in and just took over and could be a bit of support for me and my family, I want to be able to do that for someone else. Wish me luck 😉

    • Which of course I am 😉 I just can’t help but think others left when the going wasn’t even half as tough, and I know he isn’t them but sometimes I am amazed he’s still here!

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