I tried to do something nice

I’m currently in the middle of a fight with S. we’ve reached that really mature part where we are both sat in silence waiting for the other to break the deadlock and, as it’s always me who gives in and speaks first, I have decided that this time it will be him. The problem I have is a think the guy can even our stubborn me, so in an attempt to distract myself while I wait for him to blink first I’m writing a blog post!

So I bet you all want to know what has happened in our world to get to this deadlock, well I will tell you. I want to take S out to celebrate his graduation (which he’s refused to attend so I am literally planning to take him to the chippy on what would be his graduation day evening) and he doesn’t want to.  He is so mad at me for planning something and not respecting his wishes.

Part of the problem is I want it to be a surprise and so I won’t tell him what’s planned. Meanwhile I think he thinks I’m planning on taking him out for a four course gourmet meal and he is arguing I can’t afford to spend money on him.  Which I can’t. My overdraft is my new best friend since returning to college and I am barely affording groceries for the week.

We’ve been arguing around this point for the best part of an hour and now we are sat in silence… it’s so nice being in a mature relationship!

I’m just worried he’s going to look back and regret his decision. He doesn’t put himself forward enough. He will do without so that someone else has… which is very similar to how my dad was. I just wanted to do something nice for him, put him first for a change and show him how much he means to me.

Op he just spoke. I won!

However, the conclusion of the fight is that I have given in completely. No putting him first. No celebration. No nothing… I can’t help but feel in the scheme of things I just lost!

2 thoughts on “I tried to do something nice

    • You are a very wise woman. I just worry he often puts himself last and I don’t like that he does that. He needs to realise that he needs to celebrate himself as well as everyone else.

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