Happy Valentines Day to me *review

*I received the flowers free of charge for the purpose of this review.

When I saw Prestigue Flowers were offering bloggers the chance to review a bouquet of flowers before Valentines Day I positively bit their hands off, not just because I loved the last bouquet I was sent to review (which you can read about here) am a broke student so can’t afford flowers myself but also because of the Valentines Day mix up last year which resulting in S telling me he would never bother buying me flowers again. Not that I fully blame him! I can’t remember if I told you the story, or if it was one of those “I really have to write a blog post about this moments” which I never get round to writing up. Anyway, for the purpose of refreshing your memories and for the benefit of any new readers, yes let’s pretend I get new reads….

Last year for Valentines Day S surprised me at work and sent the most stunning single red rose. I was shocked. It was a total surprise and the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I can remember exactly when I received it, I was walking across the car park at work about to go and do some lunchtime yoga, and the florist shouted at us and asked if I was me. I said “yes” and he handed me the flower, I asked him if it was really for me, and he said “don’t look so shocked, it is Valentines Day after all.” I was stunned. My friend who I was with was also stunning, she thought it was the most romantic thing ever and between you and me, so did I. The flower came with a card, which I opened and it was signed with two initials… CF. and here is where my romantic lovely valentines day surprise started to unravel, I didn’t know who CF was. After wracking my brains to try and figure out ‘CF’ I text S thanking him for the rose but admitting that I couldn’t figure out why ‘CF’. He responded with “what rose?” So I told him about the car park, the surprise and the flower and again he said “nope, nothing to do with me.” A good few hours he kept telling me it wasn’t him and I went from “this is amazing I am the luckiest girl in the world” to “who has sent me flowers, and why have they sent me flowers as everyone in my life knows I am in a relationship”. By this point the entire office was playing the guess who ‘CF’ was game and more than one person pointed out how mad they would be if someone sent their girlfriend flowers on Valentines Day. I couldn’t believe it I had gone from happy to worrying that S was going to go mental because another guy had sent me flowers (I know I sound big headed thinking it was a guy, but I know none of my girl friends would do this). The S asked me what I thought about the rose, the surprise and if possible, this is when I made it worse. I told him that it was a nice gesture but a little bit of a stereotype… and it was at that moment my lovely boyfriend decided to tell me the rose was from him and he explained CF. He was gutted I’d hated the surprise, which I hadn’t, but no amount of back peddling from me, which wasn’t so much as me back peddling, more admitting that actually ever since I was a little girl I hoped someone would send me flowers to my work but as I grew older, wiser, and continually had my heart broken by idiot me, I had learnt it was another fairy tale. A bit like those lovely animals that come and do your house work for you, while you sing songs and dance around happily with a tiny waist waiting for Prince Charming to arrive.

To this day he is convinced that I didn’t like the rose and the gesture, and no matter how many times I tell him I had down played my excitement because I was worried how he would react to me getting excited by another guy sending me flowers, he won’t change his mind. He’s stubborn like that.

So, fast forward a year, free flowers to review. Sign me up.

The flowers arrived in a really sturdy box, just like last time, however unlike last time I didn’t drive them around Leeds before bringing them home, and once again they looked stunning when I opened the box and looked inside. I thought they had sent me some sort of carnation set, as I saw something orange sticking out through one of the air holes in the box, but I was wrong.

I actually ‘eeked’ in delight when I saw that accompanying my flowers was a box of chocolates, which obviously I had to open and consume for the purpose of the review straight away, and a teddy bear – look at his little face.

The chocolates are to die for. 

Between you and me I don’t think you will enjoy the chocolates. so I have decided, selflessly I might add, that you can donate all of your boxes of chocolates to me so you don’t have to eat them yourself… I know, honestly the sainthood is imminent! And the flowers are lovely, you seem to get so many. they have more than filled the biggest vase I have. My only slight negative, and really I am only saying this because it was a review and I would hate for you to think that all it takes is a box of chocolate, a teddy, some flowers and I will gush endlessly about how lovely something is; spoiler alert: chocolates, a teddy and flowers is all it takes for me to gush endlessly about how lovey something is! The roses have a slight dark edge to them, which I have tried to photograph but I am not sure if you can see them. It kinda gives the feeling of rather than being fresh that the day the roses are maybe a few days old. But I can’t 100% say that dark isn’t the type of rose it is and I am just an uncultured flower know-nothing type person.

Overall I am really impressed, and very aware I need to learn how to arrange flowers, I really can’t do them justice.

Update: A week later and the flowers are still going strong!

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