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I’m willing to bet that your life is relatively busy. Anyone who has responsibility usually finds that this is the case. It’s a wonderful thing to have, because responsibility brings meaning to our lives, and the more we have the more that can be the case. However, it’s hard to ignore that sometimes, it can be a little inconvenient.

The modern life of the working person can feel somewhat sticky. Balancing a career, a family, home life, hobbies, goals, and a tonne of other circumstances can be relatively difficult to do. How some people manage all this without complaint can be absolutely amazing to consider. People are more incredible than we usually think. However, they could also usually do with just a little helping hand.

Sometimes, looking at your own life in this way can work wonders for you. It’s not always desirable to make massive changes to your life. After all, it’s likely you have everything together already. However, simply trying to add some convenient little systems in your life to make things easier for you, and to give you somewhat more free time can work wonders, and allow you to apply that to another project in your life. Who knows if your next promotion, new success or even business idea might thrive because of this extra twenty minutes three times a week? You never know!

It’s likely you’re sold, and are interested to hear how this could be well applied to your life. Well, the following suggestions could potentially help, but be sure they fit into your schedule and make sense in the scope of your life:

Dog Walking

We love our pets. Sometimes they can fill the role of children in our lives. It’s not uncommon for us to refer to our pets as our ‘babies’ in a cute manner of expression. However, if we have a busy working schedule, it’s not always easy to keep them active and healthy. It’s also a shame to have a pet wait inside all day while you’re at work. Cats might be fine with this, as they can often leave the house as they please and come back in the same hour. Dogs can’t, because it’s unlikely that your dog can be trusted to stay in the grounds, and they certainly may not be able to fit through a door flap.

A professional dog walking service can help with this. Simply time them to walk your dog before your lunches, or just before you get home, and you might potentially allow your dog to add years to their life through movement and exercise, as well as giving them a social life with other dogs. This means something to them, so this could be the most important idea on this list if you’re a pet owner.

Meal Plan Deliveries

Now, this isn’t to reduce the beauty and importance of cooking. This can be a wonderful activity for most people to relax and end their day in a communal spirit. However, if you live by yourself, you are into a fitness or athletic plan, or you simply want to eat healthier without worrying about learning new food groups or cooking meals, then meal plan deliveries can work for you.

Some even exist that simply pile together a list of pre-portioned ingredients to eliminate waste, and perfectly balance macros. For example, starting a ketogenic diet, paleo, or trying to ‘bulk and cut’ during a weightlifting schedule all require very complex methods of getting the right nutrients and ingredients in your diet. If you do this correctly, then you have everything to achieve. However, it’s not always easy to do this, or even shop for this food. This is particularly true if you have somewhat of a busy life to contend with. After all, what high-level CEO or lawyer has time to cook their own meals? It could be that this saves you valuable time you could spend relaxing, introduce you to new recipes or ingredients you have never tried before, or simply give you one less worry to think about.

Digital Syncing

Most of us live online. For this reason, it can be wonderful to ensure that all of your online endeavours are well synced for maximum capacity. Internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox allow for user accounts to sync cloud files or history on all the devices you use. It can also mean that your cloud storage options are available for access everywhere. Instead of having to take a hard drive to the local coffee shop, bringing your laptop and working on company files can be as easy as connecting to a VPN in public.

There are many forms of digital syncing. From apps like Authy that help you overcome the two-step verification requirement for a multitude of services, to sleep trackers that help collate your fitness diet information from one app with how much sleep you get on their app to benefit your potential times of getting rest, there are so many synced services in the modern day that simply googling interaction between two services could give you cause for surprise.

If you simply enjoy not having time wasted by extraneous time used battling certain devices or items you use, this can be the best way forward.


You do not know the benefit of a schedule unless you keep one. This sounds obvious, but you might not try to make one even with this fact in mind. You’ll never realize how much time you waste until you start accounting for what you actually do in your life. It might be that your life could be completely revolutionized by seeing a schedule as a friend and an ally rather than a hindrance and something that should make you disciplined and locked into a certain way of living.

We’re sure that if you allow for a potential change in your living day to day using a schedule as your guide, you can find hidden free time that you never knew you were afforded.

With these tips, life might get just that little bit easier. We’re not talking about something revolutionary, just something minor and worthwhile. These things add up, and you’ll notice when they help you.

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