Remember me Thursday – #Lightforpets

I have to admit I have never owned a rescued pet… I have to admit that at one point I was in that group of thinking for an animal to end up in a rescue there was clearly something wrong with it – feel free to judge away!

It wasn’t until I started working more closely with rescues that I realised how many amazing animals there are in a search for their forever home, and that 99.9999999% of the animals are in there because we are humans have let them down. I try never to judge, but how someone can give up a pet because it is old, pregnant, needs more exercise than I realise (insert crappy excuse here) I will never understand. The unfaltering love and trust that I see in my own dogs eyes on a daily basis, hell I see that in any animal I look at, breaks my heart when I think about them ending up alone and unloved in a kennel. Not knowing what they had done wrong and waiting patiently for me to come back and get them……


Today animal lovers across the globe are joining together to help raise awareness of the plight of these homeless pets. We are being asked to light “be a light for pets by promoting awareness about pet adoption. By remembering those we have lost, we can shine a light on the ones we can save.”

As I go through the next few months and try to figure out what my future will look like, and who will be in it, I know how much my heart will ace for BD who I am having to leave with OH. I am going to try and see him once a week, and have my name down top of the list of people who should be contacted if he needs looking after for even a minute. I know that he will not understand why I have had to go away, and I pray to God that he will not think it is due to anything he has done – in fact I am telling him every time I see him how much I love him, how perfect he is, how it isn’t his fault and how it is breaking my heart to leave him. I will miss having a dog around, especially as BD took it on himself to cheer me up whenever I cried, he would get a ball and throw it around growling at it until I was crying with laughter and then would sit so close to me so I could cuddle him until I was ready to face the world…

BD has fear aggression and Mity has made it clear he is an only pet so I have not been in a position where I can adopt. This new start has made me think about it, but I am not in a stage in my life where I can. Earlier this week I saw that Bath Cats and Dogs Home are asking people to make a pledge that they will adopt in the future when the time is right – I have taken this pledge. Today will you?


and then I broke the car!!

Yep, I really am having one of those lives at the moment!!

This morning everything was going well, well as well as can be at the moment, I had set my alarm for an early start so I could take BD for a long walk before work and we enjoyed playing with sticks and learning some tricks in the field.

I got home with almost enough time to cycle into work, and I did have good intentions, but by the time I had showered and packet everything I decided I was a little tight on time, and with everything that is going on I thought why add extra stress by racing to get to work, so I spent another few minutes cuddling BD.

As the clock struck 10 past 8 and it was time to head off to work, I grabbed my car keys, gave BD one last kiss and headed out the door, feeling relaxed and as close to happy as I get at the moment. I turned on my car, turned up the song on the radio and inched my car out of the drive…something didn’t feel right. I put my foot on the break, checked to ensure that I hadn’t left the hand break on, and tried again. Nope steering still very heavy… then I went for the age old trick of turning it on and off. That resulted in me being stuck in the middle of the road with a car that that wouldn’t re-start.

Luckily for the moment I am still living with OH, so I was stuck in the middle of a very quiet long straight road.

I did what many of us would do in this situation and swore very loudly… can I have kudos for not breaking into tears? Tried again at turning it on, swore a little more and tried turned it off and on for a third time. Either third time really is the charm, or my car took pity on me and decided not to drive me to a full breakdown and started long enough for me to slowly heavy the car back onto the drive, take a picture of the warning light for identification of problem at a later date.

I jumped out of my car, not caring that I have left if sitting at a 90 degree angle across the drive, unlocked the house stole OH car keys and raced to work.

Turns out that warning light means my power steering has decided to break.

Wonder what new joys tomorrow will bring me?!

Actually my car will be in the garage tomorrow and I feel this won’t be cheap – I think I know what tomorrow is going to bring me, a very large bill!!


Rafflecopter – been there broke that!!

I don’t know what I did or how I did it.

I finally decided to take on the scary challenge that is a Rafflecopter competition and I all I managed to achieve was to post numerous blank comments to this poor ladies blog. The bonus is I apparently earned points for each and every blank comment… so not a complete loss!

However, I am assuming this is not the correct way to use Rafflecopter, and the other hundred of entrants who managed to actually put a coherent sentence on the blog in question clearly didn’t have the same problem as me.

I tried to type over the wording to enter my comments, this did nothing, I wrote a comment on a post without being logged in to Rafflecopter… I don’t know if that counts as a comment or not?!

Please tell me it’s not just a me thing, surely someone else must have struggled with this?




How not to loose weight!

I want to start off by pointing out that despite once being identified as obese by a doctor (different rant, another time) I know that I am not fat and don’t have a particularly bad body. In fact since I started to cycle to work I have never felt healthier and happier in my body.

I average a UK size 10 – 12 depending on the store I am shopping in. Occasionally I will fit into a size 8, which results in my immediately buying it regardless of what the item is, whether or not I need the item and regardless of whether or not I like the item. Occasionally I will need a size 14 which results in a walk out of the shop vowing never to return – just me?!

Annoyingly I come from a skinny family, my mother complains about size 6 clothes hanging off her and my little sister has to force feed herself ice-cream and chocolate to stay a size 6/8 (I know) so I have always been aware I am the ‘fat’ one, who has on many occasions disregarded every item in my wardrobe because no matter what I put on I look feel fat and you can see my muffin top.

I think it’s why I love shoes – generally they don’t let you down and almost always fit!

The annoying thing about my body is that by ranging between a 10 – 12, I am actually a size 11. Size 10s give me a slight muffin top and (sorry guys) if it is that time of the month they can be a bit tight and sometimes a top button gets undone. However the size 12s grow as they are warn and so end up hanging off me. I feel thin but scruffy and sometimes the loose clothing can result in adding on weight making me look fatter than I am which is never a good look!

Before the holiday I was on a bit of a health kick, cycling into work daily and so really fought against buying any new clothes until I had lost the weight, toned up and could always comfortably fit a 10. However my one generous pair of trousers had other ideas and fell apart before I went away (you can only hide that there is only 1 out of 4 buttons remaining on your trousers for so long) So I went into my local store and bought a pair of trousers that I knew would be big, baggy and fit me regardless of the date (sorry again guys, unless that meaning was missed in which case sorry for pointing it out!)

On my return from holiday broken hearted (melodramatic but true!) knowing I will have put on some weight. I took an educated guess that after 2 weeks of living on pain au chocolat for breakfast, red wine, good great food and reduced exercise, I couldn’t face the idea of squeezing into a pair of my smaller trousers which may or may not still fit. So I reached for the larger ones, which are being very well behaved and hanging off my hips giving the impression of a toned, tanned stomach. However this means that I am currently eating everything and anything I can get my hands on to distract my mind. I have single handily eaten the majority of biscuits I bought back from France for the office, I have eaten the chocolates offered round, the biscuits which were accidentally left open before holiday, treated myself to a couple of after lunch hot chocolates, puddings, a glass of wine or three….. the list goes on.

On the positive getting all the weight off will keep my mind occupied when I finally move out, but it isn’t going to be as much fun without my furry work out companion….. O and by that I mean BD not OH!!


men hating

If love isn’t enough….

You take an AMAZING two week holiday to the South of France…. finally have the conversation you have been dreading in the middle of the holiday…. agree that you can’t go on the way you are … think sod it and go for a very expensive weekend in Paris where you put everything on hold until you return to the real world…. get back home, but face the fact that it isn’t your home any more and start house hunting.

He didn’t fight for you.

He asked you to move out.

broken heart