Mity and BD

For those of you who don’t know I sort of have two dogs… sort of…

The first is my very lovely Cairn, Mity. I lived with him for 12 years and he is basically the little brother I have always wanted but never got. However he was bought as a family dog by my parents and so when I moved in with OH and BD I had to leave Mity at home. He is the happiest, most loveliest dog you will even have the good fortune to meet and I love him so so much. I miss him every single day! So although he is mine, he sort of isn’t too…

The second is BD, and technically he belongs to OH. BD is the most lovely welsh collie, he worships me and OH but he does have a few issues we are working through. However as much as I love BD, he still remains my partners dog. It was the two boys together before I came along and they have been through a lot. I do like to think BD loves me, and I am sure he does, however he will almost always look for confirmation from OH before doing whatever it is I have asked for!

The two of them are mean everything to me, and I love them both so much. But I think one of the things i love most about them is how different they are from each other:

  • Mity is small and grey, BD is large and ginger
  • Mity loves everybody, he greets everyone he meets walking down the street and looks quite upset when they fail to say hello. BD has fear aggression, which we are working on, and he would be quite happy if there was no one walking down his street at all.
  • Mity went to training classes and was trained on a daily basis by my mother. BD didn’t. Yet BD will come when called, as soon as called at breakneck speed, whereas Mity will wander across having taken the time to confirm there is nothing more interesting to do in the vicinity.
  • BD will curl up on me or next to me, he loves nothing more than being stroked and nudges my hand if I stop stroking him for even a second. Mity will sit next to me, if the mood takes him. If I dare to touch him, he will glare at me before letting out the deepest sigh and moving somewhere else. Trust me he really does milk the fact he is having to move all because I touched him.
  • BD knows when I am sad and will come and cuddle up to me so close… Mity will usually do whatever he can to distract me so that I stop crying.

Despite them both being so different I wouldn’t change a single thing about either one of them. They are my two sort of dogs and I can’t imagine not having them in my life.


Not my weekend

In a nut shell this weekend has sucked. It started with a lovely fight with OH. So what  should have been a lovely Thursday night looking forward to a long, four day weekend for both of us, ended up with tears and separate beds!

Friday was a bit of a none event. Well so long as you don’t count the fact there was even with more tears, lots of tissues and far too much wine.

The excessive wine was a mistake I regretted when I found myself stood on the train station platform, in the rain, waiting for a train at 7am on Saturday morning. My mood got even darker when I was informed that said train was going to be 20 minutes late. But that was nothing compare to how utterly pissed off I was when, as 7.20am approach, the “your train is due time” rolled past another 5 minutes… it did this 5 times!

I was after blood when I learnt that because the train was late, we were moved onto a later line and so I arrived in London over 45 minutes late!

The return journey was no less eventful. There were quite a few drunken yobs and the police decided that the best thing to do with them was get them out of the cities the match had been in and put them onto trains, including my train.  Our train made two unscheduled stops and so I arrived home 50 minutes late. Rather than wait for me OH decided he didn’t want to be late with me and so attended said party without me. Quite night alone for one then please!

Sunday I took BD to agility. We contacted a local woman when we moved to the area, as I wanted to deal with his fear aggression issues and she suggested agility would be good for him. He loves it, and I am enjoying the time we spend together but I have my concerns about the trainer and this was confirmed when having completed a lovely spiral BD got bitten by this other dog which had taken a dislike to him.

This other dog tuck a chunk of fur, out of BDs neck while BD was mid jump, completely focused on me and doing absolutely nothing to deserve it. Her comment of “that will teach him” had me seeing red and we will not be going back.

Not quite the bank holiday weekend I had planned 🙁


I’ll take the hint!

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? Well tonight I think it is telling me to quit playing around………..and do my homework!

I am not a child – I’m 27. However I think I hit the age of 19 and decided this was the right age for me. Now I am at this point where my age doesn’t fit how old I feel inside, does that make sense? I still can’t quite believe I am an actual “grown up”, living in a “grown up” house, with a “grown up” boy!

However, the last two weeks have been acting just as I did as a child when I had homework due. I am procrastinating like a pro!

Work has decided I should further my career and so sent me on a course. At first I was very pleased to be sent on the course, all looks good on the cv and I am a bt of a geek and love learning new things. However realising that this cause came with a while load of 5am starts on a Saturday morning….  and then when the coursework was mentioned….. I hate homework, always have and always will!

I was like this as a child in school. I can remember endless fights with my parents when I was stressed at having left something to the last minute. At Uni my avoidance techniques took on a level of their own as I found things like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, which included ironing (I hate ironing) and when I had a spotless house and had ran out of washing… well I joined a gym.

Turns out wisdom has not come with age and so far, this week, instead of doing my coursework I have:

• Gone shopping for new house things

• Gone food shopping

• Taken the dog on a walk

• Taken the dog on a run

• Taken the dog to agility

• Washed all my curtains in the new house

• Watched all the lounge windows in my new house (which involved slicing my thumb open)

• Dusted

• Watched Rugby

• Made a pie

• Designed flyers for my drama group

• Stayed late at work

Tonight however karma or some other cosmic force decided to come into play. I made a cup of tea, eat far too many biscuits and generally put off doing said homework for another night… my computer decided to crash any time I decided to log onto anything that was not a Microsoft word. My phone also got in on the act and is currently refusing to update Facebook, my emails and anything else that could possibly be used to delay the inevitable.

Oh well, sometimes a girl just has to take a hint!


Mr & Mrs Bodgits Kitchen

Having read all about our lounge in my previous post I feel now is the time to introduce you to the kitchen.

So we walk from my lovely, if you don’t look too deeply, lounge into my kitchen. As with the lounge initial impressions are positive. It’s a good size, lots of work surface and it will fit in a small table and 4 chairs. It is only when you look closer that you realise that the lovely irregular black and white tiles, are in fact square tiles that have just been really badly grouted and they never got round to sealing the edge of the work surface.

My kitchen cabinets however are lovely, and you will maintian this opinion until you open them and realise that a. some are missing their backs and b. they are pretty but useless. The cupboards are soooo tiny you can’t fit anything into them. We’ve now been here two months, which I can’t quite believe, and I still don’t know where things are going to live full time. But I have figured out a work around to this – I am using the same pan for everything as it is too much of a chew to get the others out. Use, wash repeat!

Moving on from the kitchen, towards the back of the house, you come to a downstairs landing area (are they called downstair landings?) and from there you go up the stairs. There is an under stairs cupboard which is a good size. However we need to do something with the lights under there as you have to turn on one of the switches at the bottom of the stairs. The middle one of three, located about as far from the under stairs cupboard as you can get, and we still can’t figure out what the third switch does. However, turning on this switch does not turn on the light in the under stairs cupboard – there’s a further switch with that! (lost yet?)


In the under stairs cupboard you can feast your eyes on random pipes and other stuff I am yet to identify. Above your head when you walk into the cupboard is some copper piping off which runes a hose pipe. This hosepipe then links with the outside tap.

There are also numerous door handles hidden among the various coat hangers and random nails .

I’ll be honest, the ones pointing up I kinda can see the logic of… but the ones pointing down??!!!


Mr & Mrs Bodgit

I honestly don’t know where it all went so wrong. OH and myself came and looked at our house on more than one occasion before OH signed on the dotted line….. and yet we failed to realise we have bought the house from Mr & Mrs Bodgit (identities have been changed to protect the stupid!)

We have moved into a lovely new village, and as this is our first house together so everything should be lovely, and it is, well it was until we looked closer…

Let’s start with the outside of the house, as you look up our driveway we have a lovely semi-detatched cottage, white walls, red front door, and two ornate lights on either side of the front porch… however only one of those lovely ornate lights are plugged into the mains, the other one it would appear is just for show.

Now let me take you through my front door, my lovely red front door, and into the small front porch. Now be careful or the door will bang on the inside of our vestibule, no wait a miunte it’s ok the lovely people we have bought the house from have put a door stop on the wall to stop it from banging…oh wait a minute… there measurements were slightly out and the door when fully open misses the stop by a good few inches!!!

You then walk out of the small entrance porch into the lounge. It spans the whole front of the house, there is a cute gas fire and two gorgeous bay windows.

However a closer look around the lounge makes you slightly suspicious that Mr & Mrs Bodgit had shares in a plastic wire covering company as it is everywhere.  The have laid plastic track around every window and half way up every wall.

Moving away from the plastic wire we see the first of our five fuse boxes, two holes for the TV aerial and a telephone cable that they have decided to run from the upstairs bedroom down into the lounge, but rather than putting it discreetly into the corner of the room the cable runs down the middle of one of the walls!

I do not know how or why we did not notice this when we first looked round this house!!