It’s not nagging – I am just reminding you for the 100th time!

Since moving in with OH he has complained multiple times that I have started to nag. I am aware that I have started to nag, which I really hate, but I do and will continue to argue that it isn’t all my fault and most some of the reason for my nagging can be firmly placed on his shoulders.

For example over the last 12 hours (and please do bear in mind we were asleep for most of that time)

The Loo seat:
Last night when getting in to bed I ‘nagged’ about him leaving the toilet seat up. I would not have had to mention the toilet seat had it not been for the fact that five minutes before getting into bed I had gone to the loo and fallen in. Resulting not only in a wet back and legs but what I think is going to be a pretty awful bruise tomorrow.

His concern was a little off the mark when he simply pointed out “you should have seen the loo seat was up and put it down” All I am asking for him to put the loo seat back where it was when he first used it, is a little consideration too much to ask for?

Metal utensils in non-stick pans:
Now this little gem I learnt the hard way. It was my first night of Uni and I was desperate to make a good impression on my new house mates. I was worried they would judge me for leaving a mucky pan to soak on the side, and so I cleaned my non-stick, brand new pan with a scouring pad. Thus ending its non-stick life.

Now OH has a thing against plastic utensils. He loves metal utensils. He thinks they look better than their inferior plastic counterparts and has grudgingly accepted my plastic ones in the house so long as they are not left out on show.

This morning I came down to find a metal spoon and scratches inside my new rice cooker,. Yes it’s not ours it is something I have bought myself, out of my money, despite (and this is the REALLY annoying bit) the plastic spatula that came with rice cooker sitting clean on the side.

We still aren’t talking to each other!

So my new year’s resolution for this year …… OH I promise I will stop nagging….. if you promise to stop giving me things to nag about!!!!!


I’m worried my family are trying to kill OH

You may get the feeling by now that I can sometimes over react. I know shocker. However I am going to share with you a concern that I have had for at least two days now…. and that is… maybe… my family are trying to kill OH!

I know sometimes I say through gritted teeth I am going to kill him, but despite him being a grumpy, stubborn pain in the ass I really do love him. However….

OH is mildly allergic to nuts. Hence me treating myself to nuts on his credit card when he was being an ass.

However it would appear no matter how many times I tell my grandparents about his allergy they forget… or chose to forget – you chose! They have now tried to feed OH nuts on three separate occasions, the last of which took the form of an innocent Christmas pudding which my grandparents sent me home with after dropping in their Christmas presents the other weekend. Luckily I had suspicions (of the included nuts, not the murderous tendency) and so I have had to eat all the puddings myself. The things we have to do for the people we love right?!

However, while focusing on my grandparent’s attempts to off OH I have overlooked other members of my family and now it would seem my grandparents have enlisted the help of my Aunty. She bought OH some lovely patterned socks for Christmas, which OH wore with pride on Boxing Day morning… before falling down half the stairs sometime after lunch!

I heard a bang but being with his family I didn’t got to explore and bless him he spent a good 10 minutes on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

You will be pleased to hear that he escaped without any broken bones, although he did hurt his foot and it took a few hours for feeling to return to all his fingers, but for now all is well. Until my family try again that is 😉


Isn’t it Ironic!

So the first few days in my new house with OH has been eventful. It has taken me a while but I am pleased to report that the tears have reduced some what. I can now walk in the kitchen and get milk from the fridge without bursting into tears. Mum and dad got us this lovely “Love one another as I have loved you” fridge magnet and I just read so many different meanings into it that it makes me cry.

I can also report I am able to retrieve cookbooks from the shelf without bursting into tears. My Aunty gave me a cookbook that my Uncle got for her when they first lived together. Sadly my Uncle is no longer with us, and the fact she thought she would give it to me…

Also I am even able to face putting away my clothes into the wardrobe; although I have so many clothes that this will take a while to complete! Notice I said so many and not too many – you can never have too many clothes or shoes – and yes I do still have nothing to wear!

However I do want to share with you one incident that lead to a massive fight, more tears and 2 hours of me sobbing down the phone in my local supermarket to my mother about how the many I loved was an idiot. Yes I did get some very funny looks from the other customers that night!

Let me set the scene… it was Monday evening and I had come in from a very tiring day at work (note to self, if I ever move house again – take time off work, in fact better note to self, never move house again!!) and all I wanted to do was go shopping. The cupboards are still pretty empty and this with with OH coming we have lots of guests coming to visit. Plus I thought it would make this house feel more like my home.

So I walk through the door and explain how I want to go shopping to stop the cupboards together and just get some stuff in so it feels more like a home (no tears) OH felt that two of us going shopping while the house was full of shopping was a waste of time and point blankly refused to go with me. At this point I started to cry – I blame the tiredness. OH was less than impressed that I was upset and not being practical. I was heartbroken that maybe he didn’t understand me and what did this mean for our life together (I may have a slight tendency to over react!) He said we could just go later in the week, after his birthday.

As previously mentioned the conversation ended not as I had hoped, with me leaving the house and spending two hours walking aimlessly around our local supermarket, not knowing what I wanted to put in the trolley I had, but being very aware that we needed everything. I also spent most of that trip on the phone to various members of my family discussing how the guy of my dreams is also a huge ass (an insult to asses I know!)

2 hours and over £100 later I had filled a trolley and made myself feel slightly better by buying nuts on his credit card! (Side note: OH is mildly allergic to nuts – as in if he eats them he has to drink some water quickly not if I open the bag he will die) and after the way he had spoken to me I kinda thought I deserved a little treat, on him.

So to the point… as I have previously mentioned this week was OH birthday and we had his folks coming for tea, I had offered to get some stuff in specifically for it and cook but he said it wasn’t needed, we would more than likely go out for tea. So his folks arrive and low and behold, OH changes his mind (it is his birthday after all) and instead decides he will just through something together……….. from what we have in our cupboards.

Good job they were stocked from my shopping trip – ass!



New start…same old me

So I wanted this post to be about the joys of the new house and I even started writing it. I have started to write it soooo many times…

I was going to tell you about my joy, the funny quirks we have found in our new house and the amazing weekend I have had looking forward to starting my new life but the post didn’t come. I find as a blogger that as I sit down and start to write only one idea pops out, and I have to write it down then and there otherwise it is lost forever. You won’t believe how many award winning posts I have written mid dog walk which will never see the light of day. I am sure, in time, the happy go lucky blog post I was to write will appear, but for now the bit of me the “writes” wants to tell you this…

Ever since I have been little I imagined moving into a new house with the man of my dreams. I saw us drinking champagne in front of the fire, snuggling up in the warm glow of a future together and laughing as we unpacked boxes, pausing to kiss each other, have a paint fight and just living in a bubble of bliss – this was not the weekend I had!

It all went wrong on Friday night. Yep the night we collected the keys. Having had a look around I was keen to start cleaning. My plan was to clean and bleach everything before we moved our stuff in. I spent three hours cleaning two windows. Everywhere I looked I could see more things to clean…. Add to that OH is properly poorly sick and spent most of the evening lying on the floor having managed a sum total of 5 minutes cleaning… my ‘happy new home dream’ was dissolving fast!

After I had cleaned my two windows we decided to call it a day and drove home, where I started worrying.

Inner demons: Was OH having doubts? He wasn’t happy because he was ill, that’s nothing to do with me right? Was he happier when he moved in with his previous partner? Did that mean he loved her more? Was I just a cheap replacement? I deserve better than that so what was I going to do? Was the love I have enough for both of us? Was this right? If it doesn’t work out how will either of us ever move on?

Sensible voice: he is ill and feeling rubbish, and probably has a small upset about moving away from his home too, stop worrying!

Inner demons: Is he regretting you? Does he feel trapped?…

You get the idea!

Anyway as I walked through the door of my home, although I guess technically it is now my folks home, *sob* I received a lovely text. He had pulled over to whilst driving home to tell me he loved me and he did want to live with me and he was sorry he was ill. I’ll be honest I burst into tears on my mum.

The next day we moved OH into our house, and I was fine. It wasn’t the full romance I had hoped for. In fact when I went to sit near him once we had finished unpacking him he stopped me because he has a bad back which was hurting. But overall it was fine, although the house was a little bit on the chilly side as the people we bought the house from didn’t think to tell us the oil was running out and so our central heating stopped working about lunch time, and we had thick frost all day – brrr!

Then Sunday came around and it was my day to move in. I was fine in the morning and during the day. I took my folks up and toured them round the house, showed my sister and her bloke the place with such excitement. I moved in far too many boxes. Waved my folks off and then I broke down into tears and couldn’t stop crying.

Even now I am fighting back tears as I think about my folks, about my things not being in my room at home but in boxes in my cold new house. I got into this weird pattern of cry lots, stop, open a box of stuff and cry some more. Twice OH told me that I could change my mind, not move in with him and just seem him on weekends, and that just made me cry again!

I woke up this morning and I felt depressed. I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to put on makeup, I just wanted to cuddle my dad….. and I can’t help but think, what’s wrong with me? Am I not supposed to be happy? I have moved in with the love of my life, something I have wanted since I met him two years ago, but all I am doing is crying and panicking….. I turned the fire off before coming to work as I didn’t trust it being left on, is OH going to be mad at me when I get home? (This worry comes from a previous bad relationship, which got very serious and resulted in me becoming a complete recluse – he didn’t like me going out!) and I get mad at being so stressy when (at present) OH has done nothing to deserve this fear, but I am afraid to stand my ground, will always back down and this has me worrying about my future!! And the fact that I am crying my eyes out on what should be one of the happiest days of my life makes me worry what is wrong with me??!!

So I have moved house this weekend, however I seem to have taken all of my old gremlins with me, and I am worried that these gremlins will start affecting my future, and I don’t know what to do!!


It’s my party and I will freak out if I want to!!

OMG I am having kittens… Ok not actual kittens, although that would be kinda cool!

December is pretty much a write off for me. I am one of those people cursed with a December birthday. So it the OH. Our anniversary also happens to fall in this month and as if that wasn’t enough dates taken up we are now also looking to move house in December – if I make it to Christmas it will be a miracle!

Anyway back to the kittens.

Every year I try to hold a birthday party and every year I swear never again. I used to love my December birthday when I was younger, and regardless of age I will always maintain that the best people are born in December, however since leaving Uni I am becoming less and less impressed with my December birthday (or is it my friends?)

The first year out of uni none of my friends could make it. They all had work commitments and as it was their first year in a new job I told them not to worry about it. Although I will admit to being a little upset. But this is becoming a continued trend…. last year there was me, OH and one fantastic friend. I think that was when I decided enough is enough. I pretend it doesn’t bother me, but deep down it does and I don’t need more disappointment in my life.

I was done with organizing plans with friends.

But then one of my friends contacted me to tell me her Christmas do was earlier this year and so she has pencilled my birthday party in for the 8th. Like a fool I decided that this means I should do something. I have spent two weeks emailing various restaurants to see if they could fit me in. Trying to find a restaurant with space that was not too expensive, that people would enjoy and that catered for all the various dietary requirements of my friends and family has been… fun. Finally I settled on a place and asked them to book, however they wanted us to pre-order (which I really wanted to avoid having to organise as I AM MOVING HOUSE THIS WEEK) and along with the order they want a deposit which I really can’t afford to do. Um hello new house.

However, I am getting desperate. So I asked them to reserve the table and said I would confirm numbers and food order as soon as I could. I also asked how they would like me to pay. I heard nothing for about a week and so I decided to play the sensible adult card and rang the restaurant today to chase them.

The woman at the restaurant had no record of me, but she did have a booking for Emily and she asked me if I was sure I wasn’t Emily.

And so back to the kittens… what the hell I am going to do with 16 people on the 8th December when we are walking around Leeds in the rain (you just know it is going to rain) and we have no dinner reservations but an empty table sits waiting for Emily to enjoying my birthday table!

Next year I am not having a birthday party!!!!